Coronavirus Projects


It has been six months since everything started to go off the rails and during this time I have been keeping busy in the workshop by revisiting my old unfinished projects and getting others up and running again. Some of the work has been attending to details on several of my Vintage Vespas and other times I have been helping friends with their vintage and modern scooters. Below are some pictures. As the weather has warmed up I have been painting again. There has been a lot for me to pay attention to as my memory as to all the specifics of getting a good spray painting job has slipped and I have had to be more attentive when mixing paint and not being in a big hurry when laying down the paint. I will be glad when this is all over, but we have been dong fine and as you might expect, I don’t mind spending time in the workshop, especially now that it is air conditioned.

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