Coronavirus Projects

It has been six months since everything started to go off the rails and during this time I have been keeping busy in the workshop by revisiting my old unfinished projects and getting others up and running again. Some of the work has been attending to details on several of my Vintage Vespas and other times I have been helping friends with their vintage and modern scooters. Below are some pictures. As the weather has warmed up I have been painting again. There has been a lot for me to pay attention to as my memory as to all the specifics of getting a good spray painting job has slipped and I have had to be more attentive when mixing paint and not being in a big hurry when laying down the paint. I will be glad when this is all over, but we have been dong fine and as you might expect, I don’t mind spending time in the workshop, especially now that it is air conditioned.

Back after 10 years

Scootercast Workshop

Ten years ago we moved to Northern Virginia from Richmond. I was sorry to leave such a engaging scooter community, but the work opportunity was too much to pass up. Looking back, it was the right think to co, but now, with the freedom of not being tied down to a job and the prospect of traveling more, I am rethinking what is really important. I have also come to the realization that I must stop buying random scooters even if they seem like a great deal. My workshop is full.

In the next few months I will fill you in more on the projects I am working on and several I have in the pipeline. Most exciting and problematic has been the Lambretta Li150 I picked up a few years ago in the Hudson River Valley of New York.

1965 Lambretta Li150

Just looking at it you would think this would be a pretty straightforward restoration; strip, motor rebuild, a bit of body work and paint. That was very wrong. The motor was trashed, with stripped cylinder head bolts, worn gears and a bent crankshaft. Once stripped the body revealed numerous body-filler holes and a cracked frame. Eveything was repairable, but much more work and money than I had expected to put into this project.

I have taken a break from it all (left everything hanging in the workshop) while we are spending a few months in Italy. Of course we will be going to a Mostra Scambio in Gambettola before returning home. I hope to pickup a few hard to find parts for projects I have coming up this fall, like the 1963 Vespa GL which needs both side panels and a few other bits.