About Us

Our Approach

Travel and scootering is an opportunity to connect to places and people we never knew existed. We have traveled throughout the world looking for what connects us as Italians to our past and the present, always being amazed by people’s curiosity and kindness. Our travel to locations around the world (Nepal, Myanmar, India, Vietnam, China, Thailand) has slowed down a bit in the past few years and we have started spending more time in Italy, sometimes going for several months and living in one place.

Our Story

We first traveled to Italy in the mid-1990s. At the time Italy was beginning to remove old 2-stroke scooters from their roads, but vintage clubs were growing and it was still easy to find old Vespa in villages throughout the countryside. I made my  Italia connections early on through the internet, visiting several Vespiti who had been buying up these old scooters. They had buildings full of Vespa wide frames, large frames and small frames from the 40s, 50s and 60s. After one of those early trips, I came home and got my first scooter, a Vespa P200E with a sidecar. In over 25 years of collecting I now have a stable of over 30 Vespa and Lambretta scooters, plus an Aermacchi Sprint and Ducati single. How lucky am I?

Meet the Team

We share a passion for scooters, travel, culture and good food.


Founder & CEO

This is Lucia, our sweet Wheaton Terrier, who is always ready to travel and experience the wind in her face. She goes with us when ever we can take her and has been all over the United States, but yearns to experience our life in Italy, but she has grown to big to fit under the seat when we fly.



Vice President

It may seem trite but Marcel has been and is my soulmate. She is the most remarkable partner I could have met and has been with me through years of travel and scooter explorations. In recent years she has retired from healthcare consulting to spend more time coaching leaders, early careerists and individuals on the autism spectrum. 



This is me. I am self-taught mechanic who has learned everything I know from other scooterists, reading old scooter manuals and watching hours of YouTube videos. My mechanical knowledge has expanded dramatically over the years through making many mistakes and in the past few years I have refined my skills by taking classes in welding, metal work and autobody painting. As I tell my neighbors (who always ask if I am running a business out of my garage), “I only buy and restore. I have never sold a scooter”

For two years I produced over 90 episodes of my Podcast called Scootercast. I covered a variety of musicians/music, rallies, scooter industry news and I did interviews with scooterist from around the world. You can listen here.

Next Step…

Please feel free to contact me regarding your travel dreams and/or scooter questions and ideas. I am offering to share what I have learned and look forward to learning more from you.