1959 Vespa VB1T

Vespa and Lambretta Restorations

This site focuses on trial and error restoration for the rest of us who haven’t been trained as factory technicians, the kind of wrenching that most scooterist find themselves doing. On this website you will find pictures and descriptions of almost everything I have done over the past 25 years . I will include tips on what not to do (my big mistakes) and where to go if you need help and information.

Richmond, VA Scooter Community

Scooterist and Resources  

You will also find club and shop information from around the world. I have tried to include everything from the best Mostra Scambio (scooter swaps) in Italy to local shops in the United States and information on numerous Raduno (Rallies) and meet ups in the United States. there are pictures and maybe even occasional interviews with people like and unlike you.

Tutto Lambretta in Emilia-Reggio, Italy

Scooter Travel

This site features many of the travel destinations and excursions we have made over the years in an effort to see new and different parts of the world. Even if it was not the primary reason for traveling, all of our trips have included a side trip or two exploring scooter shops, clubs and rallies all around the world. There are lots of photos of wonderful places to visit with details of our scooter encounters along the way.

Next Steps…

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el Vespario in LivornoItaly